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Guangzhou Minglai Packaging Co.,Ltd

Company Profile Guangzhou Minglai Packaging Co.,Ltd is established by the co-founder Jennie Chiang and Mahlon Lee, this two guys first one had worked on packaging ..


    • Personalized Agenda For Business

      Personalized Agenda For Business

      Introduction: Reinforce your professional image and branding with custom diaries for your staff or for your valued customers.Companies wholesale custom design print business journal diary printing.

    • Custom Planners With Tab Pages

      Custom Planners With Tab Pages

      Introduction: Custom Weekly Monthly Planner Journal Calendar Year Elastic Closure Inspirational Quotes Divider Tab Pages.Customized printing 120 Sheets Inner Pages and Gift Usage day planner hardcover notebook.

    • Kraft Paper Bags With Handles

      Kraft Paper Bags With Handles

      Introduction:Kraft paper bags with handles range is ideal for retail, fairs, stalls and corporate events. This size is perfect for all smaller items such as stationery, clothing, accessories and ornaments.

    • Printed Gift Bags

      Printed Gift Bags

      Introduction: Tailor your gift bags to your liking – they’re appropriate for birthday parties, tradeshows, fundraisers and more.