Product Packaging Boxes Beautify Cosmetics Personalised Printed Box for Facial Mask

Introduction: Beautify Personalised Gold Card MDF board Printed Box For Facial Mask Cosmetics Products Packaging

Product Packaging Boxes Beautify Cosmetics Personalised Printed Box For Facial Mask

Product introduction of cosmetic product packaging boxes:

This high quality beautify cosmetics box is made from 182 gsm golden card paper mounted 2.8mm thickness MDF fibre board which has the wood feature(high density, good hardness)but cheap than wood.

The printing technology for this printed packaging boxes is one color UV printing with enhancer on ink, no lamination on surface to keep the original color of golden card,

Insert of this personalised packaging boxes is 350gsm C1S paper with die-cutting, for better place the inside Facial Mask beautify cosmetics products.

With V-slot opened on MDF board, the straight lines and sharp corner make this cosmetic product packaging boxes be more elegant and high grade, more tasty.


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