Box for Rose Oil Aromatherapy Oil Storage Box

Introduction: Retail Recycle Cardboard Aromatherapy Oil Storage Box for Bottles, Bamboo Essential Oil, Rose Oil Packaging, Also for Other Flavour Oil Packaging.
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Box For Rose Oil Aromatherapy Oil Storage Box

Product introduction of box for rose oil:

50ml long aromatherapy oil storage box size L 11 x W 5.5 x H 4.5cm, outer sleeve made from 120gsm eco-friend light brown craft paper mounted 1000gsm grey chipboard, inner base made from 250gsm dark brown craft paper, 2 strong magnets on two short side for closure,

There are total 5 sizes for 5 different volume box for bottles, pls see below form for exact specs reference,

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box for bottlesbox for bottles manufacturers

box for rose oilbox for rose oil manufacturers

aromatherapy oil storage boxbamboo essential oil box


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