Cool Perfume Packaging

​MOQ 500pcs per design/size!

Introduction: original black and red card mounted rigid chipboard made this cool perfume packaging box, with big area nice pattern laser out on outer surface, make this simple structure box no simple.

Cool Perfume Packaging


Product details of cool perfume packaging:


1. A simple process but looks no simple cool perfume packaging box, no colorful printing, no overdressing, made from original black card and red card mounted hard chipboard,

2. In classical top and base stand up model, with custom texts red foil on outside body, big area pattern laser cut on outer surface of cool perfume packaging, show the 2nd face red card paper base, make this dense pattern conspicuous and attractive,

3. Top keep integrality and uniformity, inside wall of this cool perfume packaging box also glued with same red paper,

4. Normally for this lid and base in same size top&base model box, the extra raised shoulder glued on box’s base,  but this one, glued the shoulder on top lid, to make it more easy see from outside when we closed this box.


cool perfume packaging.jpghandmade cardboard perfume box.jpg

laser cut pattern perfume box.jpgluxury perfume box.jpg

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Friendly Reminder▼:

The MOQ is 500pcs per design/size for customize, if you just want buy few pieces or tens of pieces stock,pls can searching on Amazon, eBay retail market. Thanks~

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