Chocolate Gift Boxes Big Cardboard Food Boxes Candy Packaging

Introduction: This Purple Textured Paper Cardboard Big Chocolate Gift Box, Candy Packaging Boxes With Gold Card Compartments Can Put 77 Pieces Chocolates!

Chocolate Gift Boxes Big Cardboard Food Boxes Candy Packaging

Product introduction of chocolate gift boxes:

This top and base style chocolate gift boxes packaging can custom into any size client wanted, according to how pieces chocolate want put in, in this photo the big chocolate box can take in 77 chocolates,

Color printing is in whole plate purple outside, with big area glossy UV finishing and matt lamination, whole dark brown printing inside of cardboard food boxes with little white dot leaf.

Insert use 350gsm gold card die-cut and folding into multi compartments for each chocolate,

The outside lid of big chocolate box glued a 30mm light purple silk ribbon and tie a big bowknot for decoration more looks like a chocolate gift boxes,

This cardboard food boxes in high practical and can use pack kinds of food like chocolate, candy, sweet, cookie, macarons and sent like a gifts to your friends, lovers.


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GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS OF CHOCOLATE GIFT BOXES:                                                                  

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