Bespoke Gift Box Luxury Gold Card Packaging

MOQ 500pcs per design/size!

Introduction:New Design Bespoke Rigid Collapsible Clothing Packaging Folding Paper Magnetic Gift Box.Bespoke black cardboard magnetic closure folding box magnetic gift box custom magnetic gift box.

Minglai Packaging

Bespoke Gift Box

Product details:

1.One-piece folding boxes are used in clothing, leather goods, cosmetics, health products, gifts, jewelry, tea, alcohol, electronic products and other daily-use products. 

2.New packaging method, it is light, simple, and efficient, which makes the cost of using the product packaging box significantly lower.

3.One-piece folding box has the following advantages:

First, do not account for storage, and expand the space volume of more than 75%;

Second, easy logistics, transport can save 80% of transportation costs;

Third, reuse, folding and expansion can be reused;

Fourth, packaging creativity, folding function, different visual experience, enhance brand image.

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advantage of foldable box

why us Minglai Packaging



▼Friendly Reminder▼:

The MOQ is 500pcs for customize per design/size, if you just want buy few pieces or dozens of boxes in stock,pls can searching on Amazon, eBay retail market. Thanks~

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