Personalized Cardboard Boxes

MOQ 500pcs per design/size!

​Introduction:Please send us your inquiry for your custom Paper Box with size, printing colors, and order quantity. More details for your paper box, faster quotation we can provide!

Personalized Cardboard Boxes

Product introduction:

We could provide clients flexible solution at competitive factory price.

Rigid Board/Greyboard:There are kinds of thick and hard paper,usually for gift boxes those need stable structure shape,high quality and perfect appearance.But they onle be inner paper,must laminate color printed paper on it.

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GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS OF PERSONALIZED CARDBOARD BOXES:                                                     

general specs of custom paper box.jpg 

popular gift box styles.jpg                                        

hat box(top and base box) style

drawer box (sliding box) styles

magnetic flap and foldable box style

cardboard tube round box

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ML packaging surface finishing.jpg

ML packaging various color foil choose.jpg

ML packaging production process.jpg

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Friendly Reminder▼:

The customize MOQ is 500pcs per design/size , if you just want buy few pieces or dozens of boxes in stock,pls can searching on Amazon, eBay retail market. Thanks~

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