4 Packaging Creative Strategy! Get!

Date:Apr 16, 2018

How to seize the eye of consumers is what any brand dreams about. Product packaging usually has only two seconds of aesthetic time in the eyes of consumers, and if they stare at the product far beyond this time, it also shows that customers are interested in your product. Today, I would like to share with you the powerful design strategy of Nancy Deal of Deal, a well-known packaging design agency in the world.

1. Less is more


The concept of less is more is rarely adopted by the general public. However, savvy packaging designers used Bauhaus's less-than-multi-concept when designing retail packaging. Less is multi-concept to solve the shoppers' lack of time and attention to the product.


The visual bombardment caused by packaging will give ordinary shoppers two seconds of attention to your product before being lured by the neighboring product. In such a short period of time, how to provide the unique advantages of your product and tell shoppers why it is essential to purchase.

In order to achieve this difficult task, packaging designers often must work with the marketing team. When the packaging designer gets the content, they must immediately default the font size in a single number to maximize the contribution of each detail to the available space.


Experienced packaging designers should advise prolific authors on the team to use the "less is more" method of retail product packaging.


The essence of this method is 2 rules:

1. If the shopper can fully absorb all important visual images and textual content within two seconds, they subconsciously believe that they fully understand the value that the product can provide, and appreciate its simplicity and intuitiveness.

2. If shoppers must spend more time understanding products, they will be immediately judged to be time-consuming and your products are likely to be thrown aside.


The philosophy of Less is more will increase your chances of being selected first, and convert potential customers into real buyers of products.

2. Touchibility


For customers, product packaging is a hassle. Without packaging, shoppers can fully contact, smell, taste and test the product before buying.


By cutting the area and the clear window, allowing consumers to directly contact the product, can increase sales.


This packaging strategy eliminates the customer's fear of the unknown: what is the product like? how does it feel? Is the color really the color we see on the packaging? If customers can experience the product before buying, all fears will be eliminated.


Therefore, conveying the taste, touch, texture, material and functional experience of products is an effective way to guide customer interaction.


Challenge yourself, streamline the packaging, and make customers and products have more direct contact.


3. Unique personality


On a retail shelf, when shoppers consider a class of products, their eyes quickly scan the shelves and assess a large number of products through visual and sensory storms.


However, the subconscious of shoppers is only looking for two products:

1. they are familiar with the product.

2. in many similar products, unique new products:


For repurchasing shoppers, they focus on products they recognize. They recognize the previous choices and want to buy again. However, the subconscious is always eager to try new products.



This is where the packaging designer's needs are tightly focused on the opportunity: to capture the customer's attention with a unique design style.


However, designers are often trapped in the flow of mind, want to become a follower, rather than boldly lead the industry trend as a leader. For example, if the other three competitors use blue as the main packaging color, some designers think it should be the case.


So, are you an innovative school that dares to try to change its style and become unique, or a conservative who can't easily change it?



4. Appearance must be targeted to attract customers

We can all party in nightclubs or bars. It's like a personal relationship version of the retail shelf. Men and women gather together to assess each other's visual appearance, body language, and other subtle clues, and eventually find the best match.


Of course, this is superficial, and no one can truly understand another person through appearance. But similar to a 21-year-old woman who is usually looking for a similar age and personality trait, shoppers are looking for products that appeal to their emotions and personality:


Those products that are not targeted are ultimately meaningless to anyone. If the consumer is a young woman, using natural packaging materials and lively colors will be more popular. If your target customer is a middle-aged male, be sure to use a larger font, and directly inform the product's advantages, will help the product sales.


Product packaging is one of the most direct ways for customers to understand the product,

So the importance of packaging design is self-evident.


"Package design is not look impressive but worthless "

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