4 Things You Should Know About Custom Gift Box

Date:Mar 07, 2019

This is an era when the target customer time is getting more and more fragmented. The customization of the packaging box requires information to be accurate, and the role of the sales terminal is becoming more and more obvious. 

The packaging box manufacturer is solving the problem of “trust and security” purchased by the customer. Customers also want to see valuable product packaging instructions or comparison information for selection.

Then, the customization effect is prominent, and what should be paid attention to in the box with accurate information?

The goog package can sell more goods should have the following attributes:

1.Packaging is to answer the reason why customers choose "why choose me instead of similar products", so the packaging box must have a sense of competition for "like products", which is market differentiation.

2. Don't be afraid of repetition of the copy, more and more good, both inside and outside the package. When there is more contradiction between the text of the package and the appearance, the appearance is retreat and the form is forward.

Custom Retail Cosmetic Paper Box With Plastic ,EVA or flocking foam insert

3. Be conspicuous, simple, easy to understand, accurate audience, digital numbers should be used as much as possible, and the expression style can be humorous, easy to remember and easy to spread.

4. Product packaging should follow the rules.

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