A Good Color Box Design Can Attract The Attention Of Consumers

Date:May 16, 2019

Children's toys have big toy boxes, so these color boxes have to be well designed. After all, the existence of the entire color box is related to whether our children's toys can be truly expressed, and whether they can cause some interest of our children and cause purchase desire.

Packaging safety warnings are also an important part of toy safety. It clearly allows consumers to understand the precautions and risk warnings required to purchase a product and to escort children from all angles.

It is mainly used to tell consumers about some precautions about the existence of the product, including the age level applicable to the product, the marking requirements for each area entrance, product traceability, risk warnings (such as small object warnings).

Product Name: The name of the product should conform to the name of the national, industry, and corporate standards, as well as the name that indicates the true attributes of the product.

Product number: The model and specifications to be marked on the instruction manual should be consistent with the model on the product.

Product Standard Number: The number of standards performed by the product should be stated on the package, instruction manual or label.

Large Colorful Corrugated Packaging Box / Custom Printed Boxes

Age range: The age range of the toy should be indicated on the product packaging, instructions and labels.

Security alert: Toys requiring a warning or warning indication should be indicated.

Safe use and assembly drawings: Structures and methods of use are more complex and difficult to install. Insert and assemble the toy with the correct instructions or label.

Then these are the boxes of our children's toy color box that must be written, these things can not be lacking, or else it is a defective product. 

Because a lot of product descriptions will have a good discrimination for the child's parents, can you decide whether to buy or not. The design of a color box is very important. The most important thing is that it is the best state to grasp the psychology of consumers.

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