About Customized Information On Loose-leaf Notebooks

Date:Jan 28, 2019

Cover of loose-leaf notepad:

The cover of the loose-leaf notebook has a variety of textures, including leather, imitation leather, imported color leather, PU leather, artificial leather, PVC, oxford cloth, canvas, nylon cloth, binding cloth, binding paper, special paper, plastic coated paper and so on.

The loose-leaf notebook can be customized in a customized manner. The cover can be decorated with hot stamping, hot silver, multi-color anodized aluminum, silk screen, leather color printing, four-color offset printing, embroidery, laser engraving, metal nameplate and other forms of LOGO.

Like the regular notebook, the cover of the loose-leaf notebook can also print a variety of beautiful patterns and slogans, colorful cover, is also one of the factors that the loose-leaf notebook receives people's favorite.


Binders are clips used to hold paper. They are mainly ring-shaped, mostly metal or plastic. They are usually fixed on the cover by two rivets. When you disassemble the paper, you only need to open the binder gently. The binder is a highlight of the loose-leaf notebook. The beautiful binder is favored by many people.

The binder is divided into a variety of holes, mainly based on the size of the loose-leaf notebook to determine the number of holes to use the binder. The most common binders are divided into 6 holes, 9 holes, 20 holes, 26 holes, and the like. Due to the different textures, the color of the binder is different. Common white plastic binders and silver metal binders are common. At present, only a few companies in China produce unique gold binders.

Loose-leaf notebook paper:

Paper for loose-leaf notebooks is mainly made of writing paper, and high-quality beige Daolin paper and white double-adhesive paper are often used. The paper is smooth in writing, protects eyesight, and the paper is crisp and easy to tear, suitable for study and office.

Leather Notebook custom agenda A5 notebook

The paper of the loose-leaf notebook is rounded on one side, and the loose-leaf paper of the corresponding number of holes is used according to the number of holes of the binder.

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