About The Collection Of The Proofing Fee Of The Box!

Date:Jul 19, 2018

How to collect the proofing fee? Or do you accept or not? Think from the customer's point of view. But in the end, in the end, basically, the proofing fee will be reduced in the form of payment when the number of orders placed by the customer reaches the return quantity, that is, the sample fee will be refunded after the order is placed.

To put it simply, we need cost (labor fee, material cost, time cost) for the proofing. If the customer needs the sample, then the sample fee must be paid. Of course, after the customer receives the sample confirmation, it will definitely place an order. If the order quantity reaches a certain amount, we will subtract the sample fee from the total purchase price. This is the rule of my line. The more the quantity, the lower the printing cost and the lower the labor cost, then the customer must return the sample fee.

Our package proofing also requires a lot of material:

1.According to the package drawings provided by the guests, we also need to make the cutting lines and make the template according to the problems that are easy to occur in our production. This step is time-consuming and laborious, and the effect can be seen until the end.

2.After the template is made, go to the color paper and some auxiliary materials that meet the customer's requirements, and cut the material according to the prepared template.

3.The color map of the proofing needs to be printed, covered (bright film, matte film), bronzing requires a bronzing version.

4.Make a box according to the customer's request.

After this series of steps, we can make samples of the box, each step requires material and labor costs as well as time costs.

So with this series of work down, we are also paying a lot of time, labor, and material costs.

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