Advantages Of Corrugated Boxes

Date:Mar 18, 2019

Corrugated boxes are paper-wrapped containers made of corrugated cardboard, which have many advantages: light weight and good structural properties. 

The inner corrugated structure is similar to the arch structure, which can play the role of anti-shock and shock absorption, and has good mechanical properties.

There are many good protection features for packaged items. For example, moisture, heat, and easy handling. Low transportation costs and easy mechanization and automation of packaging and transportation.

Specifications and size changes are easier to implement and quickly adapt to the packaging of all types of items. It is convenient to seal and bundle, and it is easy to automate work. It can adapt to the decoration printing of various types of cartons, and can solve the problem of product protection and promotion.

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Waste bins are easy to recycle and meet environmental requirements. It can be expanded by combining it with various coverings or moisture-proof materials.

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