Advertising Gift Notebook Promotional Advantage

Date:Feb 19, 2019

The promotional advantage of enterprise customized advertising gift notebooks. What is the purpose of customizing notebooks? For example, use exclusive use of employees, bosses, or large-scale distribution of corporate activities for recording and giving.

Incorporating corporate advertisements (such as corporate LOGO, company profile, color inserts, advertisement pages, personalized decorations, personalized packaging, etc.) in traditional workbooks to promote corporate culture and brand image is not just an elegant and practical Traditional cultural gifts are also a messenger of corporate image and product advertising.

customized advertising gift notebooks

Minglai Packaging production universal manual, leather notepad, loose-leaf notebook, paperback notepad, gift notebook, hardcover notebook, leather notebook, notepad printed LOGO, special edition notebook, business notebook, loose-leaf notebook, paperback notebook, leather notebook , manager folder, zipper bag, business diary, and other business book customization and brand gift pens and signature pens.

Notepads are divided into a variety of, cover materials are commonly used in leather, imitation leather PU, leather, PP, fabric and pvc. Binding forms are: paperback notepad, loose-leaf notebook, ring-mounted notepad, hardcover notepad and so on. Can be printed corporate LOGO, LOGO has embossing, bronzing silver, laser, UV, color printing, crystal epoxy and so on.

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