Advertising Paper Bag

Date:Dec 14, 2018

The advertising tote bag is designed through visual communication, focusing on the promotion and development of advertising. Through the creativity of graphics, the recognition of symbols, the description of words, and the stimulation of color, the attention of consumers is triggered, resulting in a sense of intimacy and promotion of product sales. . The advertising tote occupies a large part of the tote and forms the main body of the tote.

Tote bag design generally requires simple and generous design, handbag design, handbag printing process is generally based on the company's logo and company name, or the company's business philosophy, should not be too complicated to design, can deepen consumers to the company Or the impression of the product, get a good publicity effect, handbag printing to expand sales, establish a brand name, stimulate purchase to enhance competitiveness.

As a premise of designing a printing strategy for handbags, establishing a corporate image is more important and cannot be ignored. As the basis of design, the grasp of formal psychology is very important. From the perspective of visual psychology, people reject the monotonous form and pursue various changes. Tote printing should reflect the unique characteristics of the company.

Nowadays, the development of commodity economy is becoming more and more mature. A high-quality commodity is not only an expression of market value, but also an extension of the connotation of commodity culture. Therefore, the handbag does not only serve as a single means of transportation, but also conveys some simple information. 

The printing of the handbag reflects the importance that the enterprise merchant attaches to the product and displays the culture of the enterprise. The tote bag is an actual product that reflects the development trend of the product and has advertising effectiveness.


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