Affordable Folding Packaging

Date:Sep 21, 2018

Positioning affordable and powerful folding box packaging

Folding cartons are commonly used as shipping cartons, and because of their foldability, they can save a lot of storage space and cost. With the advent of small folding cartons, the range of use has become more widespread, and can be used in the cosmetics, food, medical, photographic and frozen food industries. The folding box panel can be printed artwork to meet a variety of packaging requirements. It may have many printing methods, including the addition of laminates or aluminum foil to meet specific requirements.

Folding box panels are used in many types of packaging inventions. It is used in regular packaging and in sample or promotional packaging. It is a very versatile pulp material package that can be molded into any size or shape. It is usually used for exterior packaging rather than internal lining. The raw materials for these boxes are mainly corrugated, copper and recycled paper. The pulping process extracts wood fibers to form such heavy duty paperboard.


Different sizes of packaging are designed to accommodate different products. Custom packaging can be applied to a variety of products, including toys, beverages and apparel. If you need to customize the product packaging, you need to know more about cheap and efficient packaging, such as folding cardboard. We can answer any questions you may have about such packaging materials.

A folding box design sample may be required, which is necessary to evaluate the needs that are right for you. Small carton packs can be colored, embossed, embossed, gold plated and a variety of other printing processes.

I believe that you have a preliminary understanding of the folding package, perhaps a preliminary custom packaging concept for your product. You can contact us and let us know what you think, and we will listen to your comments and provide advice to help you make the perfect custom packaging.

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