After I Read These Packages, I Decided To Have A Cup Of Tea Every Day.

Date:May 19, 2018

China's tea culture has a long history. The packaging of tea has naturally become an important part of tea culture. Bao Baoxi collected some good-looking and creative tea packaging and enjoyed it together.

Small fresh illustration style

Monstea - Children's tea packaging

This is a tea specially provided for children. The appearance is a shape of ice cream. A small monster is drawn on it. The monster's mouth is pulled out and a tea bag comes out.

Tenki Patagonia

The round shape of the pen holder is a popular tea packaging design this year. It matches the color of macarons and is fresh and refined.

Chinese antique packaging

Cloud Tea

Cloud tea packaging design exudes a strong bookish. A painting was designed at the opening of the teabag. The roll of the bag was tied up with a paper rope and it became a picture. You could see different surprises by opening different packages.

There is also a reel design used for packaging. The tea is placed in a reel. The text and illustrations are hidden in the paper. Every time tea is taken, an old painting is opened in front of it.


At first glance, it looks as if there is nothing special about the appearance. The opening is actually a two-tiered package. A layer of enamel sculpts out the window grilles and a layer of packaging tea leaves.

piercing style tea packaging (3).jpg

At the time of the tea tasting, one candle was placed in it, as if it were back to the time when the ancient literati wrote and talked at night.

piercing style tea packaging (2).jpg


Celebrity bath tea bag

Have you ever thought of Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth bathing? The German design company Donkey Products designed such a series of tea bags that can celebrity people into teacups.

Celebrity bath tea bag (1).jpg

The first half of the tea bag is a cartoon image of a celebrity with arms wide open. When making tea, these cartoon people are like bathing in a cup.


The packaging design of this tea has a variety of lovely colors that correspond to the type of flowers. The minimal lines make the tea packaging look “Western style”.

scented tea packaging (1).jpg

The bottom structure of the tea packaging is full of mystery. When we take out the tea leaves above, it turns out to be a model of a cottage with oriental flavor. It is very interesting.

scented tea packaging (4).jpg

scented tea packaging (3).jpg

Tea Smile

Tea Smil is a brand in Taiwan. This tea is packed in a hexagonal shaped paper box. The paper box can be opened and flipped from the middle. The tea bag is directly inside.

After the paper box is completely unfolded, it is a falling snow.

Bloom Tea

Similar to Tea Smile's design, Bloom's packaging uses a pentagonal shape.

After using the packaging can also be spelled into different shapes, full of fun.

hexagonal tea packaging box (2).jpg

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