APP Industrial Paper Provides Solutions For Online Selling Products Packaging

Date:Jun 17, 2017

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Huge demand behind, there must be a huge challenge, E-commerce product packaging to bring the environmental load is the current power industry must face an important issue. APP industrial paper based on electricity packaging market, to meet the quality, variety requirements at the same time, in the realization of low-carbon packaging can be described as spare no effort to recover paper as raw materials, good paper, is one of their core initiatives.


Waste paper recycling and Saving social resources

Corrugated box is an important external packaging materials business materials, but also an essential part of electricity business packaging, in order to save social energy, APP industrial paper production of such paper raw materials from the recovery of cartons, and then carefully handled, through advanced Of the production equipment, together with the senior technology, recycling new paper, great savings in social resources. If the packaging for the electricity business products in the transport process of the key needs, then the carton packaging is an important manifestation of commodity value and grade. It is foreseeable that the use of waste paper raw materials used in high-grade packaging on the use of paper, technology, technical requirements must be more stringent.


It is understood that in the production of such high-grade packaging and recovery of pulp composition of the paper, APP industrial paper quite effort. First of all, they are in the selection of waste paper will be under a lot of effort, recycling of waste paper need to be carefully selected, can be classified into the next step; and one of the deinking is one of the most important, APP industrial paper With the ability to senior R & D, developed the industry's leading deinking technology, so that deinking more perfect, and has won the national patent; extracted from the secondary fiber and environmental protection production of wood pulp optimization ratio also requires strict, in addition, also To be after beating, drying, filtering, copying and so on dozens of processes, in order to produce this with a certain recovery pulp of high-quality packaging paper.


According to statistics, APP industrial paper recycling of waste paper (including office paper, expired magazines, books, packaging, etc.) has more than 700,000 tons, which is equivalent to saving 245 megawatts, saving 21.1 million tons, saving 10 million trees, to contribute to the conservation of social resources. Even more rare is that APP industrial paper production of these recycled fiber paper, excellent quality, even better than similar wood pulp products. Their paper can be said that the collection of environmental protection, quality, cost-effective advantages such as one, the industry conscience and deserved.


Full range material meet the needs of E-commerce product packaging


In the outer box packaging, their products cover the corrugated boxes, makeup cartons, single cardboard boxes, etc., resistant to pressure, to provide protection for the transport of products. In addition, through the senior research and development, they will carton packaging of the original features and creative combination, the product has a variety of specifications, the structure of customization, printing and other advantages of clear and beautiful, for the electrical packaging to provide a full range of options. In the field of carton packaging materials, APP industrial paper reputation illustrious, owns Ningbo China Paper, Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper, Guangxi Jin Gui paper three leading papermaking enterprises, is also China's largest high-end packaging paper production base. Its basic products include white cardboard, copper cardboard, food cards and so on. White cardboard mainly for daily chemical packaging, health care products packaging, pharmaceutical packaging customers, copper cardboard is applied to high-grade box, bag, promotional folding and other applications, food cards for food packaging provides a comprehensive choice. Its packaging paper green, plasticity, into the box effect is excellent, in the same process conditions, printing, restore the real, colorful, full color, so that after printing a very beautiful carton, the packaging of the product more valuable.


APP industrial paper to ensure that the product of good quality, in the production process, they are the entire process of papermaking strict quality control, from a variety of raw materials to the paper production process, paper products and shipping and other stages, Have established a sound quality control mechanism, while these projects have also set up a variety of strict testing standards and measures. Whether it is outside the box packaging, or product packaging, APP industrial paper has full capacity and strength for the electricity industry help. Caring customers, providing low-carbon packaging paper, they have been working hard!

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