Application Of Self-adhesive Label Paper

Date:Nov 20, 2018

Self-adhesive is also called self-adhesive label material. It is a composite material with paper, film or special material as the fabric, adhesive on the back and silicone coated paper as the base paper. According to the use of face materials are often divided into: coated paper, transparent PVC (transparent stickers), laser paper, writing paper, gold-plated paper, silver PVC (mute silver dragon, Xiao Yinlong, bright silver dragon).

Self-adhesive label paper has been seen everywhere in our daily production and life, and plays a big role.


Packing: wheat head label, postal parcel, letter packaging, shipping goods label, envelope address label.

Electrical appliances: internal labels for mobile phones, various electrical labels, laptop labels, and mechanical and electrical products labels.

Commodity: price label, product description label, shelf label, barcode label, drug label.

Management: book labels, vehicle inspection labels, security labels, property labels.

Office: document document label, file storage label, various items and stationery label.

Production: raw material labeling, processed product labeling, finished product labeling, inventory management labeling.

Chemicals: marking of paint materials, packaging markings for gasoline engine oil products and marking of various special solvent products.

Other: anti-counterfeit labels, encrypted labels, anti-theft labels.

Jewelry: Jewelry tag tags, tag labels that are not easy to stick to the merchandise.

Clothing: clothing tag, washing label.

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