Basic Knowledge Of Box Printing

Date:Nov 29, 2018

Basic knowledge of box printing:

Generally, paper printing is divided into four-color printing, black-and-white printing, spot color printing, and multi-color printing over four-color printing.

Printing patterns and characters on some product bodies or metals can be divided into: screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, flexographic printing, and the like.

Traditional printing plate making is to make graphic information into film. Nowadays, CTP plate making is basically used. No film is needed. The pace of development and changes in the market are becoming more and more rapid. Food packaging has become a major change in printing technology.

Several ways of printing:

Toppan Printing--Where the printed graphic is higher than the blank, it is necessary to apply ink around the graphic to imprint the graphic onto the surface of the printed matter through the effect of pressure.

Lithography--Nowadays, it is customary to use offset printing as lithographic printing. The graphic and blank parts of the printing plate are on the same plane, and the image is transferred to the surface of the printed matter by the principle of separation of oil and water.

Gravure printing--Gravure and relief printing are just the opposite, the image portion is concave, and the blank portion remains in the original plane. The image portion is subjected to an ink layer, which is achieved by the pressure of the printing cylinder, moving the ink layer to the surface of the printed matter.

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