Basic Performance And Function Of Tea Packaging

Date:Jan 09, 2019

Tea products mainly contain tannic acid, catechin fat, polyphenolic compounds, ascorbic acid, carotene and the like. It is relatively easy to receive the deterioration of the external climate and the phenomenon of deterioration. Therefore, tea packaging boxes must have these capabilities.

Moisture-proof performance: Tea is a dry-type product, and the water content is very low. Therefore, the tea packaging box must pay attention to waterproofness, otherwise it will be easily decomposed if it is too moist.

Oxidation: The oxygen content should be below 1% in order to package the tea leaves without deterioration due to oxidation.


Protected from light: Because tea is a green food, contains chlorophyll and so on, it is easy to mix other components to react catalytically. Ultraviolet light will cause the tea to deteriorate. 

Gas barrier: The taste of tea products is very easy to diverge, and it must be sealed with a sealed box. 

High temperature resistance: high temperature weather or let the tea speed up the oxidation speed, the surface gloss is easy to fade.

Custom Luxury Gift Tea Packaging Paper Box

Therefore, when using packaging materials, the small package of the hood is used to protect the tea from moisture and oxidation during storage.

 Then the outer layer of the ordinary carton, while playing a role in the dark. Blister packaging is suitable for packaging with plastic and composite materials.

Such a combination package can safely protect tea products and is not easy to affect the quality of tea.

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