Beautiful Paper Bag Packaging

Date:Jun 14, 2019

A good product, if equipped with a good packaging, will appear to be very high grade, as an important part of the packaging - paper bags, in which it plays a very large role.

First of all, we must be clear that the first point is to make any paper bag, packaging, or both, you need an image exchange process between the two sides.

These include the size (length, width, height) of the paper bag packaging, the customer's understanding of the design style of the paper bag packaging (simple, high-grade, fashionable, avant-garde), what process we need to achieve this paper bag packaging design style (UV, bronzing, embossing) ), the number of customers, the delivery cycle, and the price.

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Paper bag packaging production

Before that, there is a small link, that is, we will take a few samples of the products that customers need. This product contains all the details of the pre-production communication for the finished product of the paper bag. When this sample is sent to the customer, the customer recognizes it. After that, this is the only identification between the customer and the factory for the packaging of large-scale paper bags.

When the customer determines the sample of the paper bag packaging, the factory will start mass production and production of large goods. 

First, the raw materials needed to make the paper bag will be notified to the printing process, and then start on the Heidelberg printing machine or the Roland printing machine according to the design drawing. The printed and printed products will be delivered to the paper bag packaging and molding workshop.

If the customer asks to coat the paper bag, the printed product will be covered by the laminator and then processed in the next step (such as UV, bronzing, hot silver, etc.). After this part of the process is completed, after processing with a beer machine, the bottom of the paper bag package is treated and bonded.

After the bonding is completed, the perforation can be performed for the paper bag package (if there is a blow eye requirement, it is also completed here). Finally, the paper bag packaging rope is put on according to the customer's needs, so that a paper bag packaging is completed.

Paper bag packaging quality inspection and transportation

In this process, the factory usually has professional personnel to carry out sampling inspection of the products to ensure that the products and samples produced are consistent, so that our products can be recognized by customers (this quality inspection process is generally in the process). After each process, after the quality inspection is completed, we will pack the product with the carton according to the distance and distance of the customer, put a waterproof film on the outside, and finally deliver it to the customer through express or logistics.

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