Your Best Meeting Assistant- Multifunctional Planner

Date:Jul 13, 2017

First of all I want to ask you friends, when you attend the meeting if there is a habit with a notebook and a pen?


Presumably this habit will be a lot of friends in it! Indeed, when at the meeting, sitting in front of the table, spread the pen and paper, will let all the people who attend the meeting perceived your respect, also easy to write your own planning and finishing ideas. The meeting is not easy to flow in the air and went straight to a constructive direction away. Easy to use notebook is not just a meeting props, and even can become our time management mental cultivation methods.

But every time for your meeting will feel how you want to bring so much? The notebooks, pens, cell phones, and sometimes even with business cards, bank cards ...


With this highly efficient notebook, the mobile phone, cash, key, all kinds of cards, carry-on book and pen can be installed, be clear at a glance.

Your Best Meeting Assistant- Multifunctional Planner (3).jpg

There are three functional zone for this planner, There are three layers on the left, a total of 6 card position, you can use to put ID cards, bus cards, fitness cards, credit cards, work cards, and also put a small amount of cash, keys, notes and business cards.

Your Best Meeting Assistant- Multifunctional Planner (1).jpg

In the innermost layer of Left and middle zone, you can insert two notebooks, a pen clip on the side, on the right side there is a clear zipper pocket, you can put a phone or an important note. The surface of the transparent film pocket through a special treatment and you can easy use mobile phone across it.

Your Best Meeting Assistant- Multifunctional Planner (7).jpg

There are specific function for left, middle and right for this three regions, Can help you classify things into different categories, order means efficient.


Efficient is not only external, but also its connotation. There can choose put our favorite notebooks into this Leather case to achieve efficient management work.


It can be:

Monthly plan square paper notebook X2

Your Best Meeting Assistant- Multifunctional Planner Monthly plan square paper notebook.jpg

To do list notebook X2

Your Best Meeting Assistant- Multifunctional Planner To do list notebook.jpg

Multi-function blank notebook X2

For more use, you can go to explore by yourself.

Each of these notebooks are thin, only 64 pages, slightly smaller than the average size A5 notebook. put down a full harvest when run out of a piece, and then one, set foot on a new journey.

With this artifact, the wallet, business card holder, key bag, efficiency manual all can be removed. I want to say, give me a stack of this kind of printing hot cake!

Have you seen any other interesting and funny prints? welcome to share with us!

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