Best Packaging For Pu'er Tea

Date:Sep 23, 2017

The earliest packaging of pu 'er tea is wrapped in bamboo shell and packaged with bamboo baskets, mainly for the convenience of transportation and preservation. Today, tea is packaged in a variety of materials, from porcelain to pottery to l kinds of metal materials. But why is pu 'er tea traditionally used in cotton paper packaging? If other packaging will affect pu 'er tea?

Pu'er tea with cotton paper packaging not only reflects the environmental protection, more important is the more conducive to the paper in the storage of tea in the aging. The tea of pu 'er has been transformed by the inherent aging of pu 'er, and it also needs the environment to provide the suitable conditions for the transformation.

Cotton paper is no smell, good ventilation, can absorb moisture in the air, but also easy to dry, very suitable for Pu'er tea packaging. Early use of bamboo shells are also breathable, but if it is difficult to dry after immersion, but also the storage of Pu'er negative. Vacuum plastic packaging will definitely kill the activity of Pu'er tea, resulting in Pu'er can not be aging, into a "dead tea."

Market also have according to the demand for tea package on porcelain, metal packaging, away from the beautiful sex, talk about these with sealed packaging material cut off contact with tea, water and air is not good for aging of puer tea.

Cotton paper is good, but there is also need to pay attention to the market there are some manual cotton paper because the use of the most traditional papermaking process, easy to mold in the storage of odor, paper selection need special attention, so as to avoid pollution of Pu'er tea. In addition to cotton paper, with breathable pottery can also be used as Pu'er tea directly packaging and storage, the disadvantage is the cost is too high and transport be inconvenience.

Guangzhou Minglai Packaging provide the A grade cotton paper for direct tea packing, and outer packed with high quality paper cardboard tea box in more than 300  species at premium quality and favorable price, bespoke based on you need size& structure& color and pattern printing, make the perfect tea gift box for you!

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