Best-selling Paper Bag Handle Fixing Method

Date:Mar 25, 2019

When we customize the paper bag, we will provide a design draft for the paper bag custom manufacturer before the hand-made paper bag printing, in order to facilitate the production of the paper bag model. Among them, the handle fixing method in the design draft is an indispensable component. 

Of course, if you don't have a clear paper bag handle to fix the direction, you can also consult us to create the most handy paper bag that is most convenient for customers.

Generally speaking, there are four ways to fix the handle of the portable paper bag:

Perforation knotting: This is one of the most commonly used handle fixing methods in handcuff paper bag printing. The specific method of operation is to use a handle rope to pass through a pocket paper that has been punched, and then knot. Since the paper handle is easy to break, the handle material in this way can only be a cotton rope, a hemp rope and the like.

In addition, because this process is complicated, it is difficult for the general machine to be so fine, so it can only be done manually. The hole in the paper bag can be chosen with or without corns. In general, the handkerchief paper bag with corns will look more upscale and refined.

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Wearing a buckle rope: As the name suggests, it is to fix the handle on both sides with something similar to an airplane buckle. The printing of this hand-made paper bag eliminates the cumbersome process of manual knotting, and can be completed in one step by machine, thereby improving work efficiency. The portable paper bag made in this way is fashionable, high-grade and simple, and is the preferred method for hand-printing paper bag printing friends.

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Nail smashing method: nail something on the handle? Maybe you will say it is rare. But it is really one of the best-selling ways to hold a paper bag handle. Because of this nail, there is a natural metallic luster that not only increases the elegance of the handkerchief bag, but also enhances the load-bearing pull. In the promotion of brand image and grade is the lever. Of course, the choice of the handle material in this way also needs attention, it is best to be flat and can be nailed. Three-strand ropes, multi-strand ropes, and paper are not suitable for this type of fixing.

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Glue sticking method: just stick the handle with glue on the top or top of the printed handkerchief bag. The material of this handle fixing method is generally a paper rope, because the cotton rope is not good. Because it is paper, it is inferior to the other three fixed methods in terms of weight bearing. However, this kind of paper bag printing handle fixing method gives a strong sense of environmental protection.

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