Box Design Elements

Date:Aug 01, 2018

The design of the packaging box refers to the selection of suitable materials, using ingenious craftsmanship, and the beautification design of the container construction and packaging for the packaged goods. You can see the elements of the package design.

The shape factor of the package design is the package shape of the surface of the product, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. There are three kinds of forms we see in life, natural forms, artificial forms and occasional forms. But when we study the morphological composition of products, we must find a form that is applicable to any nature, that is, to extract the common regularity, called the abstract form.


The morphological structure is the shape factor, or morphological element, which is an ever-changing form formed by certain methods and laws. The form consists of several elements: point, line, face, and body. The designer of the box must be familiar with the characteristics and expressions of the morphological elements themselves, and use this as a material for the beauty of the form. The shape of the packaging design mainly includes: the cylinder type, the cuboid type, the cone type and various forms, and the combination of the related forms and the various forms of packaging forms formed by different cuts. The important role, the strange visual form can make a deep impression on consumers.

When we consider the shape factor, we must also understand it from the perspective of formal beauty law. According to the form of the design of the packaging box, combined with the functions and characteristics of the product, various factors are organically and naturally combined to achieve a perfect unified design image.

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