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Date:May 23, 2018

Box Features:

   Our product design is fashionable and novel, the material is environmental-friendly, the finished product is simple and beautiful, and the edges and corners are clear. It is suitable for all kinds of gift packaging. It can create exquisite technical requirements for your products. You can print the company's corporate LOGO as a propaganda. Welcome to sample. Proofing or custom-made.

material selection:

   MDF, all kinds of solid wood, cardboard, wood grain paper, printing paper, coated paper, kraft paper, white paperboard, whiteboard paper, leatherette paper, specialty paper, flocking cloth, aluminum foil paper, gold and silver cards, PVC, foam, Sponge, Blister, Silk, etc.

Process selection:

   Light, matte, engraving, silk screen, watermark, offset printing, UV printing, concave (convex) printing, hot stamping (silver), embossing, laminating, heat transfer, matte, laser and so on.

Package product style:

World cover, flip, drawer type, portable, skylight type, suit type and so on.

Line selection:

Double nail lines, single nail lines, semi-circular lines, oblique lines, curved lines, wavy, right-angled sides, and bottom lines.

Application scope:

All kinds of alcohol, tea, health products (ginseng, bird's nest, sea cucumber, Cordyceps sinensis, Ishigaki, Ganoderma lucidum), souvenirs, jewelry, cosmetics, handicrafts, four treasures of the text, moon cake, candy food, clothing, chocolate, watches, electronic products, each Gifts and other packaging

Quality assurance:

  [1] According to the customer's requirements and the combination of the product's process characteristics, rationally arrange the layout of the materials and the sequence of the various processes, so as to save materials, reduce costs, and ensure quality.

  〔2〕Strictly implement a sampling inspection system for each process, and inspect the process products strictly in accordance with the company's relevant regulations. Strictly implement the elimination of non-conforming products and strive for excellence.

professional service:

  [1] We provide one-stop service from design, post-processing, and delivery. Reducing intermediate links, significantly reducing time costs and economic costs can effectively control time and guarantee quality.

  [2] We provide full-service services from chat tools, telephone contacts, face-to-face negotiations, sample selection, materials, process consulting, and order-signing, and we are always ready to provide you with product consulting services to provide you with a more reasonable system to save costs. Save time and truly save customers time, effort, and worry.

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