Brand Packaging Design Skills And Concepts

Date:Dec 13, 2018

For brand owners, retail packaging has an irreplaceable marketing role, because retail packaging is the last link between consumers and brands before consumers make purchasing decisions. 

Therefore, the design of the content and effect of the front of the retail packaging (main display surface) should be able to aggregate the three functions of brand promotion, marketing promotion and product advertising.

If the brand of the product is the focus of the design, consider adding a brand slogan next to the brand's trademark. However, it should be noted that the use of a brand slogan is not a one-off, but long-term use, because if you look for inspiration again, it often leads to a break in design. Shapes, colors, illustrations, and photographic images can be used to reinforce the brand's focus. Most importantly, let consumers quickly find the product the next time they shop.

It's almost always a wise choice to showcase the inside product by setting a transparent window on the front of the package, because consumers want a visually intuitive confirmation when shopping. 

In addition, shapes, patterns, graphics, and colors all have the ability to communicate without language. Make full use of those elements that can effectively display product attributes, stimulate consumer desires, build consumer emotional connections, and highlight product quality, creating a sense of belonging.

The recommended image should contain elements that reflect the characteristics of the product, while incorporating lifestyle elements. Consumers often consider the value of their chosen brands to their own values and lifestyles when judging products. Create a “reasonable to believe” brand that promotes sales of other individual sold items.

If a brand has enough plasticity to expand into other product categories, then the brand will have core brand identity. After that, a successful brand platform can be developed in other areas by increasing the product range or broadening the product line.


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