Brochure Booklet Catalogue Printing

Date:Nov 01, 2018

Folding is a necessary process in the printing industry. Large-format paper printed on a press must be folded to form products such as newspapers, books, magazines, sample ads, and so on.

Folding is the process of folding a sheet into a book-size booklet in the order of page numbers, or folding a large-format sheet into a certain size format as required. Folding is the main work of printing a large-format printed sheet, which is folded into a signature by machine or by hand according to the order of the page number and the specified size.


The folding method includes: vertical cross folding, parallel folding, and mixed folding, among which are divided into positive folding, reverse folding, single and double folding, etc. (as shown in the figure).

Post-folding stickers can be used for various bindings, such as perfect binding, riding, locking, and so on.


Modern printing is also getting more and more products to the finished product, such as promotional brochures on the market, airport, station travel maps, attractions, museum art museum exhibits, etc. The requirements for folding equipment are also getting higher and higher.

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