Business Card Design Chapter Two

Date:Nov 23, 2018

Cover key information

Several essential elements of a business card: name, contact information, company information, company business card must have a logo. The freelance designer's business card should further explain the type of design you are good at. The purpose of the business card is to attract potential customers, and the information must be improved.


Use more colors and images

Colors and images are inseparable from any design, and business card design pages are no exception. The business card has two sides, which can be designed with a little more colorful, richer graphic elements, and a simple design on the other side for information transmission. In other words: one side is used to attract attention and the other side is functional. This way your business card will be both prominent and practical.

Choose a material for your business card

The noble business card makes people feel exquisite and beautiful, leaving a perfect first impression, let users feel that your product/service quality is in place. Reasonable color matching, rich texture ink, vivid color fonts and graphics, the comfortable touch of letterpress printing at the fingertips, perfect to suffocating, makes you feel very tasteful. Paper selection, ink selection, color performance of different printing institutions, all need to be considered, strictly check it. However, it is important to note that letterpress printed business cards are not suitable for double-sided business cards.

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