Cake Box Design

Date:Jul 20, 2018

Cake is a favorite food, it is not limited by age, gender, occupation, cultural level, ethnicity and so on. The types of cake packaging design include a public version of the cake box (round box and square box), a single West Point box, a double West Point box, a wedding cake box, a children's cake box, a birthday cake box, and a Valentine's Day gift box.

Color and packaging design

That is, through the external packaging design color reveals or reflects the inner packaging design items. In this way, one can basically perceive or associate with the inner packaging design by looking at the packaging design. But looking at the goods on the market, many of them do not reflect this kind of care. It is impossible for consumers to get a sense of perception at a glance, so that they cannot play the promotional role of external packaging design. Food packaging design usually uses a yellow, pink color to give a warm feeling. The cake packaging design is mostly in gold and red. It is warm and has a sense of intimacy. Especially the golden color gives people the illusion of a scent. Although some cake packaging designs do not have the same color as ours in terms of the main color, if you look carefully, if you are out of your own hands, you will find the symbolic color of the finishing touch from the outer packaging design.

Color and color contrast

This is a lot of cake packaging design, including the most easy to perform but the least easy to grasp in other food packaging design. The so-called contrast between color and color refers to the contrast between the use of color, light and dark, point, and elegance.


Grasping skill

Color is the foundation, and composition is the process and the ultimate goal. So composition is the most important. The pattern of the cake packaging design is mostly warm to the bottom, decorated with some flowers, cartoon patterns, English blessings and other symbols that symbolize the sweet and sweet things. The goal of composition is the same as color, in order to make the whole package design look warmer and more likely to cause appetite. Of course, different kinds of cakes, the composition of the skills are not the same. The cake packaging design for children pays more attention to cartoon effects. The cake packaging design for the elderly is more focused on the effect of festive longevity. The cake packaging design of the gift will emphasize the high quality.


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