Cardboard Folding Box

Date:Dec 19, 2018

This is a cardboard folding box with a gold cardboard on the surface and a gray cardboard inside. The weight of the cardboard is 1200 grams, and the cardboard has a thickness of 2mm. The box is characterized by being able to lay flat and reopen at the time of use. This is a very cost-saving place. If the land is transported long distance, it will save space.The box is additionally equipped with a braided rope, which can be easily picked up. It is a user-friendly design box.


The peers know that the production and production of the packaging box is a complicated process. Different lines generally think that today you will be able to make the production and get it right away. In fact, every industry has its own workflow, and a qualified packaging box is required. Made through a number of processes.

The following is the production process of the printed box from the beginning to the shipment.

Plate making:

Plate making and the link are extremely important, because this process directly affects the integrity of the product, and the current technology has also improved a lot. Most manufacturers use digital machine plates to make plates, which usually require printing, printing, revision, and gift boxes. The novelty is fast, so the layout color of the box is also varied. Usually, the style gift box not only has 4 basic colors, but also several spot colors, such as gold and silver.

Select paper:

In the general gift box, there is colored paper or special paper on the outside of the gray paper. Colored paper is made of double copper and matte copper paper. Some use 80G, 105G, 128G, 157G, these gram weight paper is more commonly used, the gift box's outer enamel paper rarely uses more than 200G; because the color paper is too thick, it is easy to foam on the gift box, and the appearance looks very rigid. Of course, this depends on what the product is, design the outer packaging according to the product, and then choose the paper and the craft.

Printing art:

Most of the gift boxes are applied printing paper, the gift box is the outer packaging box, pay attention to the printing process, the most taboo color difference, ink points, rotten boards will affect the aesthetics.

Surface treatment of colored paper:

The surface of the gift box of the box must be surface treated. Commonly used are light glue, matte glue, over UV, over varnish, over dumb oil, bronzing and so on.

Die cutting:

Die cut is an important part of the printing process. Die cut must be accurate in order not to affect the subsequent work. 

Lamination process:

The usual prints are made by smashing the beer again. The only gift box is the first beer and the crepe paper.

The last process:

If you need to buckle and punch, it is done at the time of assembly, if these box operations are not used. To make the final surface cleaning (clean the surface glue with sewage). Then you can order the delivery. This is the process of producing gift boxes.

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