Carton Process

Date:Oct 29, 2018

Shaped corrugated boxes are the most varied types of packaging in corrugated carton packaging today; goods in supermarkets are placed directly on the shelves, which have a good product display function, and how to quickly and easily open the carton packaging, so that the goods can be quickly accessed. And without any tools such as scissors or knives, you will be yelled "Open the door with sesame" and open the carton. This sounds very fresh, but the carton has been widely used in foreign supermarkets, and there is also a great demand in the country.

Structure type of sesame open cardboard box

Sesame open carton is a new design concept of corrugated carton packaging, that is, easy to open corrugated boxes. The exterior structure of the carton is not significantly different from that of the ordinary corrugated carton. The key process is to stick a tearing tape station inside the corrugated carton, and leave a small mouth outside the carton. Just open the carton and tear it from the small mouth. The split tape can be used to open the carton without any tools, showing the packaged items.

Introduction to folding processing technology

The necessity of tearing:The easy-to-open corrugated box production process is combined with the ordinary carton production process, adding a high-performance, self-adhesive tear tape on the inner surface of the corrugated box, and designing a corresponding tear-off for the tear tape, which is convenient to use. The carton can be opened without the need of external force, and the tearing mouth is beautiful, and does not affect the product display effect.

Tear tape:The tear tape for easy opening of the carton consists of a modified tension polypropylene back combined with a natural rubber binder. Natural rubber adhesives offer excellent initial tack, excellent tear resistance and strong adhesion on different material surfaces. The tear tape used in the production of corrugated boxes is generally a spool winding structure.

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