Characteristics Of Kraft Paper Box

Date:Oct 17, 2018

Kraft paper is very strong in its own toughness, and it also has good water resistance. If we use this material carton, it can provide good security for the contents, because the material appears on the surface as Brownish yellow, the texture is very special, it can make other contents have different special feelings.

The material of cowhide is very wide in use, and can be used not only in the processing of cartons, but also in the workbook and the packaging of the album. Its quality requirements are very strict, generally flexible and sturdy, and also high in the resistance to breakage.

Usually, the kraft paper used in this type of kraft paper packaging has a low weight, usually about 40 grams. It is made of whole wood pulp and needs to be fully in line with food grade standards. This type of kraft paper kraft paper is also sold in the paper industry because of quality. Well, the price is not low.


The kraft paper box can withstand a large pulling force when it is used, and there is no crack under the increased pressure. Cartons are also available in a variety of styles, such as double-, single-, and non-woven material cartons.

Carton packaging and plastic packaging, such as kraft paper, are indispensable in the modern packaging industry. Kraft paper carton packaging is relatively expensive compared to plastic packaging, but its recyclability is less polluting to the environment.It can be predicted that the future packaging industry is a raw material who will take the lead in breaking through this bottleneck, that is, who will occupy the high point of the entire packaging market! Now the Centennial Paper Group is committed to developing new products and developing paper materials that are more suitable for packaging. Plastic packaging will not leave the market for a while, but it is only a matter of time before the historical stage is compared to kraft paper carton packaging.

The production of paper packaging such as kraft paper boxes will not decline due to plastic packaging, and it will continue to shine in the packaging industry with the development of technology!

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