Chinese Designer Yang Chao Won Design Award For Oscar IF

Date:Mar 24, 2018


On March 9th, the world's top design award iF Awards Ceremony was held at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany. Chinese designer Yang Chao won 3 iF Awards and was invited to attend the award ceremony in Munich.

The iF Award, the German Red Dot Award and the IDEA Award are also known as the world's three major design awards. At the same time, the iF Award is also known as the "Oscar of the design community." This is Yang Chao's success after winning the Red Dot Award in 2016. The world's top grand prize won again.

The three works won the iF Award are: "China Says - Jingdezhen porcelain said" book design, "a Bodhi Temple" brand image design, "WOWTAO ceramic technology" brand image design.

Yang Chao specializes in the study of the international visual transmission design of Chinese elements. Since 2007, Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture has been accumulated. He has accumulated a lot of related art and design works. These works have been recognized in the international design community and won many awards. Gradually become an influential international designer. Yang Chao, who has continuously explored the most contemporary design expression through practical design projects, is dedicated to presenting Chinese cultural elements to the world through internationalized visual communication design.

iF awards are an important recognition of the international design community for designers and Chinese design. At this year's iF awards ceremony, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Xiaomi, Gree, Lycra and other global brands and design agencies have won prizes for their works that represent the latest design concepts. As a multi-industry, category-based international design award, the 2018 iF Design Award attracted 6402 entries from 54 countries around the world. Only exceptional and rare works can stand out in more than 6,000 works.


After winning the award, Yang Chao’s photo won the NASDAQ screen of New York’s Times Square. As the first Chinese designer to enter the Nasdaq’s big screen, he won the “World's Highest Design Award” and “the world’s first screen”. "The voice of "China Design" was released to the world.

New York Times Square, as the world's most sought after commercial core location, attracts hundreds of thousands of customers and tourists every day, and is a veritable world business and cultural center. As the landmark of Times Square, Nasdaq Big Screen has extensive influence. The top domestic companies represented by Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, and Jingdong all used this screen as a window to the world. "Sound". The award-winning photo of Yang Chao was published on the Nasdaq Big Screen. It was the first time that China has “sounded” the world from the point of view of Chinese design, and has spread “Chinese elements” and “Designed in China”.


Yang Chao Introduction:

Famous designer, Associate Professor of School of Design Art, Zhejiang Communication Institute, Creative Director of ichina1, Director of Ceramic Packaging Design of Jingdezhen Spring Tao, Ph.D. in Design of Finnish Aalto University. From 2013 to 2014, he was awarded a German DAAD artist scholarship to study at the Brunswick Academy of Fine Arts. 2016 International Critics of the Political Exhibition of Poland, Auschwitz (The First Chinese Jury), International Critics of the International Design Award, A Design Award, Italy, 2015, 2016. His design work has won more than 120 domestic and international design awards including the German Red Dot Design Award, iF Award, Italian A Design Grand Prize Award, and Los Angeles IDA Design Award.

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