Christmas Packaging Design Elements

Date:Oct 27, 2017

Christmas is coming, many businesses began to make festive gift boxes for Christmas promotion preparing, then what’s the Christmas holiday elements?


Father Christmas

Santa Claus.jpg

 One wearing a red robe, wearing a red hat white beard grandfather.





Everyday Christmas Santa Claus drove the reindeer's sleigh from the north, from the chimney into the house,

The birthday gift is placed in the socks and hangs on the children's bed or in front of the fire.


Christmas trees

christmas tree.jpg


Evergreen tree symbolizes the end of the winter.The top of each Christmas tree has one of the biggest stars


Small bell

small bell.jpg

The bell of the church proclaimed the birth of Jesus.






The candlelight represents the light that Jesus brings to the earth.


Christmas hat

christmas hat.jpg


Christmas stocking

Christmas stocking.jpg

Before going to sleep on Christmas Eve, put a sock in front of the fireplace or pillow, waiting for Christmas old man puts the gift in the socks after they fall asleep.



Christmas card



For people to writing his blessing words and gifts to others.




The original Christmas gift was brought by three wise men to Jesus who had just been born.


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