Clothing Paper Bag

Date:Dec 17, 2018

At the moment, the commercial nature of the packaging bag is becoming more and more remarkable. It has become a special product that is no longer attached to the production of goods, and a product widely used for all commodities.

Especially in the apparel industry, more and more enterprises are looking for packaging upgrades. As a more personalized, more refined, more convenient and more cost-effective packaging product, garment packaging bags are increasingly being valued by apparel companies.

Two points to pay attention to clothing packaging.

A) Inner packaging regulations:

1.The inner packaging can be made of paper, paper box, plastic bag, hanger, and the like. The packaging materials should be clean, dry and free from special odors.

2.Non-metallic products should be used for the packaging of infants and children aged two and younger and clothing that is in direct contact with the skin.

3.The size of the carton package should be compatible with the product, and the product is tightly packed in the box. Products with hangers should be flat.

4.The paper package should be folded and the package is firm.

5.The material and specifications of the plastic packaging bag should be compatible with the product, and the sealing should be firm. The product should be packed in a plastic bag to be flat and elastic.

6.Use plastic bags with letters and patterns printed on them. The characters and patterns should be printed on the outside of the plastic bag. The pigment should not contaminate the product. Products with hangers should be flat.

B)Outer packaging regulations:

1.The outer packaging can be made of materials such as cardboard boxes, and the packaging materials should be dry, clean and firm.

2.The outside of the box can be bundled and sturdy with a strap, and the buckle is firm.

3.The inner and outer packaging are suitable in size.


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