Clothing Sales Packaging

Date:Oct 30, 2018

Clothing sales packaging, also known as garment inner packaging, refers to clothing packaging that directly contacts clothing and enters the retail outlet directly with the consumer.

In order to adapt the clothing sales packaging to the needs of the international market, the following requirements should be reflected in the design and production of clothing sales packaging:

(1) It is convenient for display and sale.

(2) It is easy to identify clothing. On the clothing sales package, there are usually decorative pictures and text descriptions, and some also have a bar code logo.

(3) Easy to carry and use.

(4) Be artistically attractive.

Clothing sales packaging can use different clothing packaging materials and different modeling structures and styles, which leads to the diversity of clothing sales packaging. What kind of clothing is used to sell packaging depends mainly on the characteristics and shape of the clothing.

The sales packaging of clothing should be carried out in accordance with the contract. Generally, the buyer has strict requirements on sales packaging. Sales packaging can be divided into hanger packaging and folding packaging:

(1)Hanger packaging.Hanger packaging is to hang the garment directly on the hanger, the whole jacket bag. It is used more in suit packaging. When ironing, the clothes can be put on the hangers, and the packaging personnel can buckle the buttons, put the hanging cards, and prepare the buckles.

(2)Folding packaging.The package is folded according to the method specified by the customer, and the tape is placed in an inner box. This completes the sales packaging of the garment. Folded packaging is very widely used, and general clothing is sold in a folding manner.

Folding should be carried out in strict accordance with customer requirements, so that it is beautiful and flat. In order to avoid mistakes when folding, in the new style of packaging, managers should assemble the packaging personnel to do the correct demonstration and unify the folding method.

In addition to the function of protecting clothing, this kind of packaging should also have the functions of beautifying clothing, promoting clothing, facilitating clothing sales, helping consumers to identify, purchasing and carrying and increasing the popularity of clothing products and establishing corporate brand image. As people's aesthetic level increases, the requirements for packaging are getting higher and higher. Well-made materials, beautifully designed, and simple and complete packaging can promote sales.

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