Clothing Tag

Date:Sep 29, 2018

Apparel tag can be seen everywhere in daily life. Whether it is clothing or luggage products, clothing, and tag, it is like the image spokesperson of the product. It acts as a manual and advertising media and other roles, and its role should not be underestimated. Especially in the increasingly competitive clothing industry, in order to stand out from the competition, a button, a thread, must be perfect. 

The clothing and accessories tag, this small gadget, not only to display the raw materials, price and other information of the clothing, more importantly, its quality is related to a business attitude towards consumers. High-quality clothing and apparel tag will make good clothing more distinguished. Therefore, the high quality of the production of clothing tag is very necessary, and other tags are equally important. 

We Shichuang is a professional manufacturer of hanging tags, including clothing tag, jewelry tag, gift tag, jewelry tag, glasses tag, watch tag and other tag paper jams, all of which are made of medium and high-grade materials, with excellent texture and superior quality.

Although the tag is small, it is a link for consumers to recognize, identify and accept clothing. It is an indispensable accessory for modern fashion culture. It has a positive effect on improving and protecting the reputation of apparel companies and promoting products. Today, when the details reflect everything, if you ignore this small tag, it may be more than just the loss.

The design, printing and production of clothing tag must be very particular, especially in graphic design. The clothing tag should be treated as a small print advertisement. Clothing tag can use the appropriate image, such as the model of the model of the prostitute wearing the product, giving people an intuitive feeling, so that consumers have a deeper impression of the brand product, played a very good role in publicity and promotion. For the seasons, consumer objects, product characteristics, the clothing tag is designed into an annual calendar, bookmarks, greeting cards and other collections that consumers love, cherish and appreciate, and become a long-lasting advertisement.

The clothing tag card production process is diversified. Nowadays, the popular clothing tag is mostly sand card, convex code, bronzing, bar code and other processes, showing the elegance and taste of the brand clothing.

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