Color Box Design Tips

Date:Feb 26, 2019

First of all, the color box is used as a product packaging. The surface design pursues all the information that expresses the characteristics and parameters of the product, and solves the problem of information transmission. The color box design is not an art design, nor is it for self-expression.

The color of the color box is designed from the perspective of color, and it seems to be more practical and comfortable to achieve color balance.

Since the color balance of the color box plays a decisive role in the overall color of the color box, how to use 60% of the main color in the design of the color box, accounting for 30% of the auxiliary color, and accounting for 10% Dotted color is especially important.


To make a light box, in order to highlight the concept of environmental protection, then design with 60% green as the keynote; supplement with 30% color to set off the main color and main product; finally, use 10% black and white to describe the text. To illustrate the use and parameters of the product.

To make an after-sales service card design, in order to create the texture of the clothes and fine tailoring, choose 60% of the wine red as the background color, 30% of the models to wear the clothes, 10% black and white text description.

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There are two kinds of color schemes: one is complementary color matching, and the other is called color matching. The complement of the complementary color is a combination of two relatively large contrast colors, and the color matching is similar to the two colors.

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