Color Box Printing Factory Details

Date:Jun 26, 2018

Many companies are able to make their own products more popular in order to increase their own product sales. They can make brands become consumers' hearts. Design packaging can now be said to take a lot of energy, so now it also stimulates color box printing. Product development, color printing process, which need to pay attention to what details.

1.Design style according to product model

Different products in the printing process, we must master the overall design style, for each design details, need to meet the product type, so that the color box printing plant can print packaging products for our business products have a certain degree of stimulation, combined with various Different styles are analyzed to complete the design and printing process.

2.Material selection

For different materials, directly affecting the entire box printing plant packaging and printing products, because each material will be suitable for different designs, and for a commercial product packaging have different qualities, so we choose the material process, not only a look at the material In the end, it is necessary to see whether this type is suitable for its own product and whether it can have completeness in the entire packaging design.

3.Size, etc.

Of course, there will be some small details. For color box printing products, the overall printing size and resolution, etc., which will directly affect the appearance of color box printing products, we must ensure that the color is very positive, the overall size of the design is very good, of course, quality issues Need to ensure that, in short, the entire process of each detail is to do the most detailed, so that a small box printing factory is more perfect.


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