Commodity Packaging Strategy

Date:Jul 17, 2018

The packaging of enterprise products should not be copied as much as possible, and it should not be similar to other packagings, but adopt new materials, new techniques, new patterns and new shapes to give consumers a new feeling. Packaging made from renewable and degradable materials is popular, which is convenient for consumers and environmentally friendly, and creates a good image for the company.

Convenient packaging strategy. When designing and purchasing product packaging, enterprises should consider the convenience of purchasing, carrying, using and keeping them in the consumer. For the convenience of consumers to buy, the company will make a variety of packaging, packaging and packaging of different styles, uses and tastes.

Cheap packaging strategy. This packaging strategy is a low-cost, simple-structured package that is commonly used in large-scale everyday use. Such as general clothing, footwear, salt, monosodium glutamate, traditional Chinese medicine, fresh milk in bags. Of course, companies adopt this packaging strategy and cannot purchase them at will because of low consumer demand, but should consider the characteristics of their application and economy.

Series packaging strategy. The difference between this type of packaging and the series of packaging is that the series packaging is a similar product, and the package is a different product. Such as travel kits, cosmetic boxes, traditional four treasures - pen, ink, paper, etc. is a package.

Similar packaging strategy. Sometimes referred to as household packaging, the products produced by the same enterprise adopt the same pattern, approximate color and common features in the packaging shape, especially the repeated appearance of the corporate CI image, forming a visual set, which not only saves packaging. Design costs can also deepen the user's impression of such products.

Transform the packaging strategy. That is to replace the original packaging with a new package.

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