Common Jewellery Box- Plastic Made Hinged Box

Date:May 14, 2017

Common Jewellery Box- Plastic Made Hinged box



The high value jewelry usually come along with a luxury packaging box to display it's preciousness,when the girl/lady slow open the box’s lid their curiosity will become bigger and bigger, when full open it their eyes will be light up and be surprised with such a precious gifts.


Generally speaking the packaging box for jewelry is main made from plastic case with higned lid closure. With the metal hinge it can be closed very tight to avoid the inside jewelry slip out,and can be open and closure many times without damage.


But this metal hinge not suitable for grey board but plastic and wood(as the metal hinge’s high elastic force request high density material),so normally made with plastic case,compare with wooden case, the plastic case are more cheaper and with higher plasticity.


The main part for jewelry box is plastic case,but the surface wrapping material usually be paper: the normal coated paper(with custom colorful graphics printed on it) ,special textured paper and leather like paper(leatherette paper) with custom logo hot-stamping/debossed on it. And the inside filler usually be soft velvet match sponge with lines die-cutting to fit the jewellery.


And FYI the common size for this jewelry box: L 4.5 X W 5.2 X H 3.5 cm(lid 2 cm) or L 5 X W 5 X H 4.2 cm(lid 2.5 cm) for ring&earring packaging, L 24.3 X W 6 X H 2.8 cm for necklace packaging, L 10 X W 10 X H 7.2 cm(or 2.8 cm) for bracelet packaging.



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