Common Material Choices In Notepad Customization

Date:Jan 23, 2019

From the moment of the appearance of the notebook, it was given a special mission. It used a new way of writing to bring convenience to life, and a fascinating notebook from production to completion, each step is quite complicated, with With the development of the times, new materials are constantly emerging, so the materials used in the customization are also diverse. The appearance of the notebooks is not only more refined, but also more practical in the customization of the notebook. Let me introduce you to the following.

A) Paper materials that are common in the process of customizable notepad customization.

Common papers in good quality notebook customization include Daolin paper, Bible paper, coated paper, molded paper, and recycled paper.Among these types, recycled paper is the most environmentally friendly paper. It can be understood that it recycles and reuses paper that people have used. After special treatment, the waste paper is turned into pulp and made into new paper.

This kind of paper can effectively delay the speed at which trees are felled, and also save energy, which fundamentally reduces the environmental pollution. Coated paper is more suitable for color prints, because the paper production process is more cumbersome, but the printing effect is perfect.

B) The most perfect holster material for notepad customization

In the high-quality notebook customization, common custom holster materials are imitation leather, artificial leather, PUC leather, leather, etc., which belong to the dermis and are divided into the first layer of dermis and the second layer of dermis. The price is also a lot different. In addition, the imported leather material is also much more expensive than the domestic leather material. Of course, the texture of the leather cannot be compared with other materials.

There are more than five hundred kinds of leather materials available on the market. In the common notebook, PVC and PU are the two materials used most.

The best accessories in the notebook customization are now available in a variety of ways. There are as many as fifteen types of clip-like accessories. The longest application is the porous clip and the wire.

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In addition, the types of craftsmanship in the notebook customization are also very fine, from the making of the abrasive to the cover making, the inner sheet of paper and then the notepad jacket. The entire customization process is as perfect as the ones that showcase the features of Notepad.

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