Common Paper Bag Making Paper Introduction Chapter 2

Date:Mar 21, 2019

Matte coated paper:

It is less reflective than coated paper. The pattern printed with it, although there is no bright color of the coated paper, the pattern is more delicate and more advanced than the coated paper. The printed graphics and pictures have a three-dimensional effect, so the coated paper can be widely used for printing pictorials, advertisements, landscape paintings, exquisite calendars, and character photography.

Embossed paper:

It is a kind of printed lining decorative paper specially produced. The surface of the paper has a pattern that is not very noticeable. The colors are gray, green, beige and pink, and are generally used to print monochrome covers. The embossed paper is brittle and the spine is easily broken when bound.

Lightly coated paper:

That is, the low-quantity coated paper, which is between the coated paper and the offset paper, has a color printing effect comparable to that of the coated paper, and has good opacity and slipperiness. It has less durability and is therefore more suitable for printing prints that do not need to be preserved for a long time, such as advertising sheets and flyers.

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White cardboard:

The paper has the characteristics of high whiteness, firmness, high bursting resistance and smooth surface. This type of paper is generally used for portable paper bags, printed business cards, certificates, invitations, covers, calendars and postal postcards.

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