Common Printing Process For Packaging Boxes

Date:Oct 25, 2018

A) Hot stamping or hot silver or other colors:Hot stamping, also known as "foil stamping". The hot stamping in packaging printing mainly uses heating, foiling and pressing to transfer the pattern and text to the surface of the hot stamped material. The hot stamping is characterized by clear patterns, metallic luster and beautiful appearance, which makes the printed image have a strong contrast. Adding this technology to the print design can play a prominent role, such as trademarks, LOGO, and play a finishing touch.

B) UV, UV glazing refers to the dry curing of the ink by ultraviolet irradiation when the printed matter is post-treated, so that the finished product looks like a layer of oil, and it is also called polished. UV is characterized by a bright surface and more artistic effects, making the prints more beautiful. UV works better with bumps, bronzing and other processes. UV Scrub is a new type of curing ink. It has a strong sense of sand and is beautiful. It has been widely used in high-end packaging printing of cigarette packets, wine bags and cosmetics in recent years.

C) Convex/embossing/embossing is a special printing process that does not use ink in the printing range, and is a process of forming a pattern by local variation of the substrate by pressure. The feature of the bump is that the surface is shaped like a relief, which produces a unique artistic effect. The bump can increase the three-dimensional effect, and the embossing has a strong decorative effect, and the effect of the special grain paper can be realized, and the style is unique. The embossing is more decorative, can achieve the effect of special grain paper, and has a unique style, which enhances the artistic appeal of printed matter.

D)Over-adhesive/film-coating is a kind of surface processing technology, which means that a film of 0.012-0.02mm thick plastic film is covered on the surface of the printed product by a laminating machine, and can be divided into bright film according to the material of the film or There are two kinds of matt film. The characteristics of the film over-glue are that the surface will be smoother, brighter, wear-resistant and stain-resistant, and not easily damaged, which protects the appearance of the printed matter and provides a service life. The product surface of the matte film is not reflective, elegant, and is mostly used for image prints.

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