Common Sense Of Notebook Printing

Date:Nov 20, 2018

Among the daily office supplies, notebook printing products have always been the most used daily office supplies. In the field of notebook production, it can be said that many users are more recognized by the printing production enterprises, and the various notebook printing products they produce are not only quality,good, and cost-effective. Today, we will give you a brief introduction to the basic common sense of printed notebooks, I hope to have some help for everyone.


In the production process of notebook products, notebook printing production companies generally produce products according to the different requirements of different users. For example, some users have lower requirements for the production of notebook printing products, so the production and production enterprises will adopt the general The production process produces the most cost-effective notebook printing products.

Text typesetting documents, short-time zero-live printing with low quality requirements, can be printed in paper (zinc oxide version), saving plate cost, compressing printing cost, saving time, fast and efficient.

In addition, when the printing production and production enterprises provide notebook printing products for users, there are also standards and specifications for selecting printing papers. In the printing paper, mainly adhesive paper and writing paper, if classified according to the weight of paper. The weight of paper refers to the weight per square meter of paper.

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