Company Catalog Design Common Classification Knowledge

Date:Jul 09, 2018

The sample design is roughly divided into 8 categories according to the purpose: enterprise sample design; corporate image sample design; product sample design; promotional sample design; folding design; single page design; cover design; sample cover design.

1.Corporate sample design

The sample design of the enterprise should reflect the spirit of the enterprise from the aspects of the nature, culture, concept and geography of the enterprise.

2.Corporate image sample design

It is usually necessary to reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of the enterprise, corporate culture, corporate development orientation, and the nature of the enterprise. The focus is on image, and products are supplemented. First, determine the creative positioning, design style and industry positioning, and then carry out layout design, picture selection, photography and other means to shape the overall imagination of the enterprise.

3.Product sample design

The design of the product sample focuses on the characteristics of the product itself. The sample design of the album analyzes the attributes of the product to be expressed, and uses appropriate expressions and ideas to reflect the functions, characteristics, uses and services of the product. This will increase consumer understanding of the product and increase sales of the product.

4.Promotional sample design

This type of sample design will use the corresponding form of expression to reflect the purpose of the promotion according to the purpose. The purposes are broadly divided into: exhibition promotion, terminal promotion, and press conference promotion.

5.Folding design

Folding design is generally divided into two folds, three folds, four folds and so on. Determine how many pages are based on the amount of content. Some enterprises want to make the design of the folding page outstanding, and it is possible to have the die-cutting and special crafts in the form of expression to reflect the uniqueness of the folding, thereby increasing the impression of the consumer.

6.Single page design

The one-page design pays more attention to the form of design, showing a huge amount of content in a limited space, and the single-page design is often found in the design of a single page of a product. Generally, the front is the product advertisement, and the back is the product introduction.

7.Cover design

The cover design pays more attention to the high refinement of the corporate image, and it is necessary to give people a feeling of unforgettable.

8.Sample cover design

The cover design of the sample is a comprehensive reflection of the sample content, form, format, binding, and post-printing. The sample cover design of the sample book design should start from all directions.


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