Corrugated Board Printing Knowledge

Date:Jul 24, 2018

Paper is closely related to our lives. Corrugated paper is generally used for the packaging of various items in the life of the literature, such as cartons, paper boxes, etc.

In recent years, especially in Europe and the United States, ultra-thin and ultra-high-end corrugated cardboard has quietly occupied more and more corrugated board international market, because it also has better physical properties and printing performance of corrugated board and thick board.

Compared with traditional cardboard, it has the characteristics of good strength, strong cushioning, good elasticity, material saving, light weight and good printing effect. Compared with traditional corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard, it has small bending, high compactness, compact structure, light texture and good compression resistance. It can directly use the characteristics of printing offset printing machines and changed the past only in the production process. The direct printing and offset printing machines of flexographic printing press can only print the first time, simplify the process, shorten the production cycle and increase the production efficiency.

The commonly used micro corrugated cardboard has F type (0.75mm), G type (0.5mm), N type (0.46mm), O type (0.3mm), etc., and is composed of three layers: facial paper, corrugated paper and bottom paper. At the same time, micro corrugated cardboard also has the following characteristics:

(1)High strength, compared with thick cardboard, can enhance the protection function of the product, and the strength is increased by 40%;

(2)Light weight, 40% lighter than thick cardboard, 20% lighter than laminated corrugated paper;

(3)The surface is smooth, beautifully designed, colorful, and visually appealing.

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