Cosmetic Box Common Type

Date:Oct 12, 2018

With the rapid development of the Chinese economy, gift boxes have also become an extension of the social needs of a functional approach to packaging. Friends who often make gift boxes will have such doubts. There are so many kinds of box types, such as gift boxes, book boxes, drawer boxes, folding boxes, and single-sided boxes. What are the advantages of the world-made gift boxes compared with other box types? 

Take the cosmetics industry custom gift box as an example. Cosmetics is both an industry and a culture. In today's financial environment, cosmetics are the target of the sunrise products on the market. Borrowing a word from the Jews: The business of women and children is the best business opportunity, and cosmetics contain this item.Nowadays, as a fashion consumer goods, cosmetics are not only competitive in products, but also the proliferation of goods and homogenization. If the products themselves are difficult to distinguish, the brand effect of advertising bombing is no longer there. The product of the era of the face is only the starting point of competition, consumers are more willing to pay for good design and good packaging.


We also know that product upgrade iterations need to be replaced, new products need to be packaged... People rely on clothing, Buddha depends on gold, good products also need packaging, packaging is actually a brand advertisement. Therefore, a good packaging design and concept can obtain the consumer's aesthetic identity, emotional identity and brand identity.

The product line belonging to the cosmetics industry has toner, facial mask, facial cleanser, makeup remover, lipstick, essential oil. There are too many categories inside. Cosmetic packaging boxes generally choose high-end boxes such as book boxes and heaven and earth cover boxes. It is to distinguish it from traditional cosmetics, so that it can better implant different in the hearts of consumers.


The selection of the structure of the heaven and earth cover box type usually adopts a very simplified I-shaped (upper and lower cover) heaven and earth cover box type structure, which is characterized by exquisite simplicity, easy molding, material saving and low cost. In the post-process, the hot stamping process, hot silver process, embossed text, V-groove, light glue, matt glue, UV, etc. can be added to the content of special paper printing design, which can highlight the corporate brand image and content, and enhance the packaging. The grade. After carefully looking at the special process, the texture on the paper is also very clear, very textured, and dazzling. Such dazzling and magnificent visual effects can play a role in turning gold into gold and finishing the finishing touch.

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